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Welcome TO F.B.R.

FBR stands for Friendly beaches railway.

A miniture railway with both 7 ¼ and 5 in. Total length 3 klm.
Friendly beaches is the name of a place in Tasmania on the east coast , it is part of the famous Freycinet peninsula home of the world renowned wine glass bay.
The railway has been an idea of Wayne McMahon and his friends for many years it is on 165 acres so there is heaps of room for more in the future.
We share the property with Freycinet air , a scenic flight company which has a 1000 meter runway and an office which is maned 7 days ,they fly over wineglass bay and the Freycinet peninsular (see links page)

The main track is 1200 meters long and is dual gauge 7 ¼ and 5 in. with a 95 meter curving tunnel and a 16 meter bridge spaning across to an island ,this bridge is a truss design and a second bridge 17 meters long leading of on the other side which is a suspension bridge.
There are several stations on the line with the main station near the engine shed, lights are right around the track controlling the movement of trains automatically to maintain separation, there are several water tanks for the steamers and all road crossings are automatic and have bells and lights.

The second loop is now complete with a unique branch inside the tunnel which takes you out on a 1000 meter branch line over two bridges and then through a cutting under the other track and back up onto the main line.

Also there is a bypass line for those who don't wish to take on the two scary bridges but can still experience the cutting.

The material for construction is 12 x 25 steel bar with treated pine sleepers with the groove cut into them with a saw set up for the purpose, we have used this method after years of visits and discussions with offer clubs as we have found that without welding every sleeper it stops warping and makes for a smooth ride.

The railway is open to all who wish to visit it and run there engines, we hope to have facilities for camping although this may take some time, we have limited spots already.
We are a private railway with no red tape just people having fun, we plan to have open days once or twice a year.